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6 Dental Marketing Trends for 2019


Are you searching for effective dental marketing strategies that will really work in the upcoming 2019? If the answer is “YES”, then we are here to help. Your business should appeal to your patients, providing the brilliant dental experience they expect. Thus, if your goal is to succeed in your dental business, then one of your aims should be to follow the latest marketing tactics.

Preferring the new trends is of great importance, considering the fact we live in a digital era. At Winning Marketing Strategies, we have gathered efficient, practical and successful dental marketing ideas and plans that are specially developed to bring active followers to convert them into new patients and promote engagement and loyalty of the website.

We know that tracing all the world marketing news might be a daunting task. Thus, to simplify it, check out all the necessary information concerning 2019 dental marketing trends. Let us start!


video content

#1 A Video is Super Powerful for Your Brand Awareness

The recent survey shows that up to 85% of users in the USA like watching videos online. Here is a conclusion that such a tool remains a priority for diverse companies to engage their target audience and gain trust with many new prospects. Actually, in comparison with text content, a video review is more desirable to watch by people, as it is visually more catching and interesting, and, as a result, it is easier to be remembered.

It is known that by 2021, the video will be able to generate the vast part of the internet traffic. So, do not miss a chance to boost your practice right now with the means of video marketing. You should provide the audience with all the possible materials they expect the most.


#2 Usage of Interactive Content

There are different types of interactions when the point in question are users and the content reaction. Nowadays, they are looking for more appealing and more customized experiences that can be gained if you apply individual systems of content perception and its consumption.

First of all, detailed surveys, interesting quizzes, quality assessments, eye-catching infographics, surveys as well as brief polls give you an opportunity to be proactive and create unique content, delivering the main message, but still being unobtrusive. Still, you do not stick out in some annoying conspicuous ways: you easily blend into the particular surroundings. “Entertain and educate” motto will work at its best in 2019.

The prime benefit of almost any interactive piece lies in the possibility to bind it directly with the problems your user faces. You’re able to deliver customized results that can be very helpful for both existing and future patients.


content marketing

#3 Content as a Tool for Making Outstanding Buyer’s Journey

It has been proven that content is the key mover that is necessary to lead your prospects through the funnel and convert them from those who just want to give you one visit into the loyal patients who admire your outstanding brand.

You have multiple options to choose from, such as sharing valuable social media content, creating blog posts on top conversation topics, and more. Posts should grab readers’ attention from the very beginning. Do not forget about landing pages, and developing email content strategies. In addition to this, numerous online reviews and visuals are an indispensable part of your success. They show people they can rely on your services.  It is a golden rule that users held a brief investigation online prior to making any decision. Hubspot stated that 47% of buyers usually look through 3-5 pieces of content and only then they are ready to book an appointment or order some goods.

Content must contain some actual, training, and interconnected information that offers a solution to common situations people are involved in. The last but not the least component of your website success says, that you shouldn’t stop until a lead becomes your patient. Continue working and this will bring you lots of positive references, as people will share their impressions with family members, and friends both online and offline. With these tips, making a great content experience is easy as A, B, C.


#4 Distribute Content to Gain Visibility

The statement that content creation, publication, and shares are a good deal is not false indeed. Content distribution is the main key to the everyday growing digital world. Make sure that your content reaches your target audience. Do not underestimate sharing information on social media, as this step will also improve organic reach results.

Promote content in different formats and your readers will not be bored with newsfeed, newsletter, scrolling the website etc.

live video for customers

#5 Live Video in Social Media

This trend is empowered 24/7. It is also considered that it will boost the dental marketing in a couple of months. Due to the statistics, approximately 80% of people worldwide would rather watch a live video with some guidelines than searching the needed article on the blog. Experience everything in real-time brings better feeling and understanding since there is a two-way communication. Facebook Live and Instagram Stories empower their positions day by day. In 2019 they will stay on the top of must-have steps for larger engagement coefficient.

Grab your chance to be one of the firsts who succeed using those social media for marketing purposes as only 14% of business owners invest regularly in live videos at the current moment.

Answering questions via live video or showing backstage of your everyday work process, presenting new technologies, sharing professional pieces of advice, delivering the latest dental health news and innovations will significantly increase the website visibility of your dental marketing services.


#6 Strive to Generate Original and Personalized Content

Posting content on a regular basis is of great importance. You need to write the material that will stand out among your competitors’ one. All of us are spammed with tonnes of content, so if you are eager to grab attention, you should try to speak uniquely. People want to watch, hear and read something that is really relevant to their needs. Concentrate on delivering value for the readers and they will appreciate your efforts.

Personalization works the most efficiently when you apply it into email marketing campaigns. During the whole next year, segmenting plus tagging your subscribers will remain actual for open, click-through rates.



A clear understanding of marketing in your specific niche, knowing all the common weak sides and ways to strengthen them – is what makes a huge impact on increasing your leads. Dental SEO marketing of the upcoming 2019 is expected to be relatively simple in implementation, still offering real advantages. So, go ahead and try them out. Just remember about consistency, as this feature will allow you to save your positions.