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What is Dental Marketing

Each dental clinic requires a strong and cohesive dental marketing plan in order to optimize their website ranking and raise the brand as well as practice’s image within their community.

A good website is necessary to attract new visitors and convert them into the customers. Even the best website is nothing without visitors. WMS is ready to help. Our main goal is to bring more patients to your practice by attracting more visitors to your website. To achieve it we use SEOSMM, and SEM campaigns. With the use of these campaigns your website will be provided with maximum visibility, necessary to attract more visitors to your website. Hiring our dental marketing agency you’ll get the most efficient use of your marketing dollars.

We provide dental internet marketing to any dental practice who needs it. For is it does not matter whether you are a new practice looking to get established, or existing one, searching the possible ways to grow your business. At WMS you’ll get everything you need for a successful growth of your campaign. We can provide you with a comprehensive SEO strategy as well as implement it in order to meet your needs.

Our company ensures tailored, well-developed, custom dental marketing plan, which is specially made to fit all your business plans, ideas, requirements, and needs.

You’ll be contented with the work of our specialists, as well as the efficient and productive growth of your business. You will be definitely satisfied with your choice, as our company guarantees the most return on your investment as well as a great growth of your target audience. We’ll efficiently get you to engage with your potential patients and clients.

Why Choose WMS Dental Marketing for Your SEO?

Winning Marketing Strategies is a group of experienced professionals, providing numerous search engine marketing for years. We know what should be done to successfully rank your website and put it in the top of search engines. We constantly innovate, test and learn all the new charges of SEO craft. It ensures a constant as well as productive work of our SEO strategy.

Complete Transparency

We provide our clients with a clear understanding of what is going on. It means that dental practitioners are provided with a complete transparency guarantee, concerning the productiveness of our SEO company and its influence on your website growth. Moreover, we constantly provide reporting on what we do. Thus, our clients always know what was done and what is going to be done. So, you can see the exact schedule of all the activities for the next parts of your campaign. If you want to know something or if you want to ask about our process, – just ask.

Excellent Client Service

Each client for us is of special importance. Thus, we do our best to provide them with the best dental marketing service ever. Our goal is to make you happy and satisfied. Our business’ success depends on happy customers. That’s why we make efforts to make our clients satisfied with our work. Our team of experts is always ready to help you with any concern as well as answer any question if you need.

Great Services that Bring an ROI

If you want, we’ll build a new website and optimize it with a list of short as well as long keywords. We’ll provide your website with high-quality content (if there is a need). As a result, your website rankings will grow and all the users who’ll visit your site will be contented a lot. Having a great experience and highly qualified team of experts, we ensure an exceptional digital marketing service to our dental clients.

We work for results, not false promises

In comparison with the other dental SEO companies, we do not feed out clients with sweet promises. Instead, we provide them with real facts, concerning their website improvement, aimed at reaching success and new customers.

WMS Dental Marketing Process

Audit of Your Online Presence

Competitor Analysis

On-Page SEO / Off-Page SEO

SEO-Friendly Website Development

Keyword Optimization

Monthly On-Page SEO and Content Marketing

Link-Building and Citation-Building

Reporting and Tracking

How Do We Work

Learn and Plan

Before we start dental marketing, we need to learn all about your business, your goals, customers and competitors. Each dentist has some issue or challenge that makes him unique from the other dentist. We use this, and as a result, none of our clients is dissatisfied, as we do not use “one size fits all” approach to our clients.


We analyze all the formation which we’ve gathered about your company. We put your campaign in motion. We start by fixing any technical errors. Then, we set up as well as optimize analytics and measurement platforms. We optimize your on page SEO, start link-building and social branding initiatives as well.

Great Promotion Plan

You can be an expert in your line, but without a good plan, you won’t be able to attract people to your website. That is why you need a good, without risk of loss dental marketing strategy. This is where promotion comes into play. Our company promotes your business on different websites, where your potential customers may be. It helps to build your brand awareness as increase your target traffic too.


We know for sure that the constant business report is an important part of the solid business relationship with clients. We understand our clients, who appreciate the transparency in work. That is why we provide a monthly report to reflect the transparency of our work. Each of our clients is provided with an access to information in an easy-to-understand manner. It allows them to see what is going on and what to expect next.

Why Is SEO Important?

Mostly all the patients who are searching for qualified dentists will turn to the search engines to find the nearest and the best dental practice near then. And one of the most important search engines is Google. Remember that Google will be not able to rank your website or match the target audience of your website if you do not use SEO.

Of course, if your money is tight, you can think about your dental website optimization later. But the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll get more website visitors, as well as new patients. Remember that the time lost is the money lost. Thus, you have to pay special attention to SEO in order to reach a large online audience and real patients.

Dental SEO Services Include:

Initial website consultation, strategies for website improvement


Analyzing for front page content


Implementation as well as setup of Google Analytics

Keyword research


Internal text links’ modification


Setup and implementation of Bing Webmaster Tools

Changing metadata


 Content writing (if needed)


 Status reports

We Provide Digital Marketing Services for Dentists

Digital marketing is more important as well as vital for dental practices than mere advertising. Decades of years ago, it was enough to put a sign out front of your office or have an ad in some yellow pages to attract new clients to visit your door. However, nowadays, when everything you need finds is available on the Internet, dental internet marketing plays a very important role to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Marketing is based on good communication your dental practice has with a patient. This aspect includes a number of factors which make your practice unique and out of the competition. It is about your office staff, care, and attentiveness to your patients, your branding, your brand reputation as well as the presence and ranking of your clinic’s website, and lots of other valuable factors that are highly important for your dental practice growth and development.

Behavior Analysis & Strategy Development

Dental Logo Development

Each client is of special importance for us. That is why we listen to you and take into consideration even the smallest details of your business in order to design an excellent website design to invite new customers to visit your website as well as your dental clinic.

Brand Logo – is the central visual element of any website. Its goal is to help the customer to find, recognize and remember your brand. The brand logo can be a simple image or logotype, or even combine them both. Simplicity – this is what should be said about your website design, even if the process, as well as efforts put into the process of website design, were far from so.

WMS ensures that your website logo will be:


A good logo is not a subject of the trend. It will always be actual and stand the test of time.


Each client wants his brand logo to be unique. So, we take it into practice. Your logo won’t be complicated, nor easy on the eye. Instead, it will be recognizable, conveying the message it is intended to.


Memorable logo – this is what a recognizable logo means. We always use something unexpected and unique to make it really recognizable.


We know for sure what should be implemented into your logo to resonate with your target audience. So, you can be sure, it will definitely fit your dental practice needs.

Keyword Research

Talking about website SEO, we should mention the one thing which is highly important and works as SEO foundation – keywords research. Keywords are like a compass of your website. They help the users to find what they need as well as show you where to go and what to improve/change.

In order to achieve maximum productivity of keywords we consider the following:

  • Keywords are used in the title of the page
  • Keywords are used in any image file paths as well as in the images’ alt text
  • Keywords are used in different variations throughout the page copy
  • Keywords are used in the meta description
  • Keywords are used in anchor text in backlinks
  • Keywords are used in in the URL of the page

Website Rebranding

For website rebranding we strongly follow the best SEO practices in order to save your website traffic, and, what is more, increase your branding awareness. Rebranding is a good thing which can allow you to reach for new brand related items, for which you may not yet be ranking. It will help you not to lose the existing website rankings. Instead, it will create new ones designed to grow your natural/organic website performance.

Most Important Pages on Dental Website

You have to use a big headline. The most important information on our website should be located at the center and in front of it. You have also provided the flow so that the user would be able to find what he needs and well as know for sure where he or she is supposed to go. Everything should be clear for the user. CTA – highly important element on the website. Pay special attention to it, as on how you will organize it, the result of your work as well as your business will depend. You have to encourage the user to buy the service or a product, offered on your website. In order to make a quality CTA, you have to use a banner, high-quality pictures, texts and the other elements, which will help you to encourage a user to become your customer. Also, make your CTA as big as possible. The homepage of your website may allow for several other CTAs. Thus, make it easy for the user to choose what he/she needs, by making large as well as easy CTA buttons to click. Make the navigation menu on your homepage clear and easy for a user. It will help him to find what he is looking for.

This page belongs to the detailed information about the services you provide. The service page should start with a short summary, based on outlining the key services your company offers. In case the summary is too much long and it is impossible to describe all you need to your potential clients, then you have to think about dividing your company’s services into sections. It’s not only a great dental marketing strategy. It is also a perfect way to show the reader what your company offers, as well as help him to find what he/she needs in a fast and convenient way. It is very important to add a link to a landing page, as it will help a reader to learn more about the particular service or a product your company offers.

What to include?

  • A brief description of the services provided
  • Bullet points of services with their short description
  • Advantages of using your services, not the competitors’

Thanks to the testimonials, that your customers/patients left, other readers that are interested in the services offered by your company can learn more details about the quality of services as well as your company’s attitude to patients. Include photos as well as contact info of the author (but not their contact phone number). This is a highly important part of the authenticity of each testimonial. Everyone can leave a comment. However, only those who have a real photo and contact information (link to at least one social media account) can be traced to an actual source credibility.

What to include?

  • A brief paragraph of praise from the customer
  • Photo as well as contact info of reviewer
  • The headline above each new testimonial – necessary to attract the attention of the reader

You have to include the price of your services/products. Put at least a range of prices, to show your website visitor an approximate cost of dental services that you offer.

E.g.: Teeth whitening – $600-700.

Contact page information is one of the most important parts of the website. Mail address, phone number, contact form, map, and mailing address – all should be left above the fold. You have to encourage your website readers to get in touch with a “Contact Us” page that feels like a friendly, warm and pleasant smile. The contact page should not be a barrier, but an entry for a customer or a patient. CTA should allow the customer to contact you as easy as it is possible. It will be great to use CTA copy, like “Chat now!” or “Email now”.

Great contact pages should:

  • Be easy to find, so there should not be any conveniences, concerned of difficult “get in touch” opportunity
  • Include an email and phone number. It is highly important for dental marketing as well as useful for a reader to find the necessary info he/she needs
  • Have a link to active social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • Be creative and memorable, so that the visitors will always feel positive emotions while filling the contact form on your website

Information on your blog should be as clear and detailed as possible. Make sure that the information satisfies the needs as well as reasons why the user may be on your blog. Most users are interested in reading the most recent articles. Therefore, it will be a great decision to satisfy their needs. Think about the organization of the categories on the blog home page. Think about CTAs that will make it easy for the user to subscribe to the blog, leave a comment there or ever to download a free recourse. High quality information is necessary to attract the user to read it. However, it is not enough, if you want them to get engaged and connected. Thus, you need to put CTAs on the sidebars in the footer as well as in the other places.

Can you imagine the emotions of a customer when he meets an obsessive “seller”? He is unlikely to return to your site, even if he really needs your product. Quality service cannot be imagined without combining the seller’s level of expertise with the right offer to the customer.

The most important and relevant information of your website should be placed above the fold. Each user is searching for the answer to his question on your website and nobody wants to spend several minutes if not the hours in searching for the answer. Thus, you have to answer their questions, without making them scroll. Include one CTA at least. Remember that most people are not searching for more information, but for a deeper level of engagement.

NAP on Dental Website

What do you need for a NAP on your dental website?

  • Your Company’s Full Name

Avoid abbreviation. Use only a full name for your company, even if your business is known around the community as an abbreviation.

  • Your Company’s Phone Number

The same thing as with your address, there are two ways how you can write your company’s phone number. Whether you choose (777) 777-7777, 777-777-7777, or 777. 777. 7777, remember, that it is highly important to use the same format every time you put your company’s phone number anywhere on the web.

  • Your Company’s Full Address

Whether you use the abbreviation, like 45 Renkl St or 45 Renkl St. or a full-name 45 Renkl Street on your site, remember, that you have to stick to it when creating social media or directory profiles, so you are consistent across the board.

Full List of Available Dental Services

Tooth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry

Crowns And Bridges



Excessive Or Uneven Gums




Hospital Dentistry



 Emergency Dental Care

Preventive Dentistry

Oral Surgery

Pediatric Specialty Care


Root Canals


Scaling And Root Planing

Flap Surgery




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Traffic Drivers

Search Optimization (SEO)

SEO – is the practice of increasing your website traffic through organic search engines. You have not to pay search engines to rank higher the organic traffic of your website. To better understand what Search Engine Optimization is, you need to learn about its 3 parts:

  • Quantity of traffic. We provide your website with an efficient SEO service that really works. Once you have the target audience clicking through from those SERPs, more traffic is better.
  • Quality of traffic. You should have the organic traffic of users who are interested in the services your brand offers.
  • Organic results. Ads constitute a significant part of many results. Organic traffic is the one traffic you have not to pay for.

Search Marketing (SEM/PPC)

SEM differs from SEO. It uses aid search ads to increase website traffic through search engines. For SEM ad placement matters a lot. It is necessary to increase search engine presence, attract new visitors to the website, and more. Ads help to put your website link closer to the top. It means, that your website has higher chances than competitors’. SEM uses PPC (pay-per-click). PPC is a process that uses the auction and ranking systems to determine which ads will be displayed and in which order.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is a use of the rectangular graphic display, which can e place across the top, bottom or sides of the website. Banner ads are more frequently image-based than text-based. The main goal of banner ads is to promote a definite brand and attract Internet users to visit the advertiser’s website.


Remarketing is a very useful as well as a clever strategy which allows you to connect with your website visitors who may not make an immediate purchase or enquiry on your website as well as place necessary ads in front of the users who’ve previously visited your website, while they’ll browse elsewhere else.

Social Advertising

Social advertising is a process of using advertising which relies on social information or networks in generating and delivering marketing communications. For social media, advertising is frequently used as a special Internet service to collect social information as well as maintain relationships with its consumers.

Email Campaigns

Email Marketing is the process of sending a commercial message, through email. Every email sent to a potential customer can be considered as email marketing. These emails are used to persuade customers to engage with the company. They are considered to be an important part of inbound marketing.

Benefits of WMS Dental Marketing Services:

Remember, that the sooner you start dental marketing service, the better results you’ll have. With the help of SEO, you’ll be able to measure a positive ROI quicker and gain great business results. You’ll be provided with increased revenue over the long haul. Moreover, with the help of WMS, you’ll definitely increase your brand visibility as well as reputation. Each client for us is of special importance. The list of services we provide for dental marketing offers a great opportunity or continuous ROI improvement. One of the main reasons why dental practices should invest in SEO is because consumers have used to search products, order services or find information through the Internet more frequent than it was before.

Digital Destinations

Website Design

No matter what kind of website design you need. We’ll take into consideration all your needs and requirements. Moreover, our team of professional experts will make your website unique and ensure it will stand out online.


The microsite is a brand-specific website specially used to promote the products, events or services that are offered by companies. Microsites are non-application based. They do not have e-commerce functionality, but they are aimed to engage as many customers as possible.

Targeted Landing Pages

Landing pages are necessary to increase the conversion rates of your website. The main reason of it is that targeted landing pages are focused on a single goal that suits the intent of the ad which is specially created to attract the visitors to click on it in order to reach your page.

Content Strategy & Development

Whether you are starting new content marketing or using the same approach for a while, is always important to revisit your content plan and make it better. Our company will make your website content up-do-date, high-quality and innovative.

Tracking & Analytics

Easy-To-Follow Reporting

We provide our clients with straightforward as well as easy to digest reports. So, they always know what we are going to do to improve their site ranking and attract new customers to the website.

Analytics Implementation

With the help of Google analytics, we monitor the results in order to have a clear understanding how the work we do impacts your search engines, brings you quality as well as target traffic and converts your leads.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is the technology which tracks calls and provides a great opportunity to analyze the effectiveness of ad sources. Call tracking is a necessary tool of the internet marketing. It provides an additional information on phone cells, which allows you to analyze how incoming calls are targeted. It ensures an effective usage of the budget for advertising.

Program Optimization

We ensure proper software program optimization to make it work more efficiently and more rapidly.