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10 Laws of Social Media Marketing that Every Marketer Must Follow

The compelling power of content and social media channels can help widening your customer base drastically. But starting ahead without any sort of experience or knowledge could stand like a challenge.

It’s quite essential that you have in-depth knowledge about the basics of social media marketing.

Whether you want to enhance quality of your online entry points or increasing their numbers, coping up with these 10 laws will help you to lay a firm foundation to cater your customer base, your brand and most importantly you business’s objective:

The Law of Listening:

The success mantra of content and social media marketing lies more in listening than talking. Read through the content that your target audience post and actively interact in the discussions to know what’s important as per their perspective. This is the best way to create compelling content and initiate conversations to add value instead of clutter in their lives.

The Law of Focussing:

It’s better to have a specialisation or niche rather than being the jack-of-all-trades. It is always preferable to design a highly focused strategy for content and social media marketing over a broad strategy that attempts to cater everything to everyone because a sharp strategy helps to build a strong brand image, taking you closer to the success.

The Law of being Qualitative:

Quality dominates quantity. It’s better to have 1,000 connections online that actually read your content and share the same with their connections than having 10,000 connections that become extinct after connecting with your brand once.

The Law of being Patient:

You cannot expect the success from your content and social media marketing strategy overnight. It is possible to catch the lightening in the bottle, but you need to stay committed for a long period of time to attain good results.

The Law of Intensifying:

Growing in the online world calls for compounding.  You should publish impressive and informative content so to build a large group of quality followers who will further share your content with their audiences over Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and other social networks.

More you will share and discuss your content; you tend to open new gates towards the search engines such as Google to locate it in the keyword searches. These gates will grow into hundreds and thousands of potential ways for people to reach you online.

The Law of being Influential:

Invest some time in identifying the most influencing groups in your market who accommodates the quality crowd and are interested in the products and services you are offering. Get in touch with such people and work on building quality relationships.

If you can manage to get an authoritative, engaging source on their radars through your informative content, they might share your posts with their own audiences that can put you as well as your business affront huge group of new audience.

The Law of delivering Value:

If you will continuously shout loud to promote your products and services on the social media, people might stop visiting your site. Make every effort to add value to your conversation. Don’t always rush for conversions and focus more on creating interesting content while establishing strengthening bond with the most influential groups. After some time, those influencers will become a powerful medium to expand your business through word-of-mouth marketing.

The Law of Acknowledging:

It is not at all sensible to ignore a person who can reach you in person, be sure to attend them online. Establishing relationships is one of the most significant steps towards the success of social media marketing, so acknowledge every single person who is reaching to you.

The Law of being Accessible:

Don’t disappear once you are done with publishing your content. You should be always available for your audience. Availability here implies that you need to maintain consistency in publishing quality content and interacting with them. Online followers are impulsive in nature and they won’t think twice before replacing you if you are not available since few weeks or months of time.

The Law of Reciprocity:

If you don’t have time to talk about or share other people’s content on your site, you can’t expect the same from others as well. So, take out some time for social media to share and discuss the content that others have published.

Abiding by these laws will help you get success with content and social media marketing and meet your business goals in a specific period of time.