Elements of Engaging Social Media Content

Elements of Engaging Social Media Content

Social media has emerged as a more reliable way to filter casual visitors from probable customers. This has prompted many people to analyze social media role. Consequently, social media management has evolved to fine tune the system. Social media usually entails uploading of content which may be in the form of script, sound, images, or videos or it may also be a combination of one or more of these forms.

But how do you create content that could drive traffic and provoke engagement? How do you create something that would sell like hotcakes in the market known as the World Wide Web? How would you stand out in the world where millions of information is being shared every second of every hour? Here are some tips for creating such content.

Interesting Content

When it comes to the content on social media, the word “engaging” becomes crucial. This is because nobody would be happy with high bounce rates on their pages. High bounce rates imply that visitor opened the page but did not read the content or left after reading a few lines. That can’t be rewarding for the blog owner or website. Obviously, the responsibility to keep the visitor engaged is on content. If the content is boring, or not presented in the right way, chances are that the visitor would look for alternate sites effectively making the business or individual lose a prospective client.


There is a myth that if a business enterprise is looking at selling any product, it needs to upload details only about the product on social media. Usually, relevance may imply swift business. But that does not mean that all the content on social media should be about the brand or the product. Social media is about bringing like-minded people together. It is also about establishing a trust between users. If a user of the social media website has faith on another member, chances are high that he or she would socialize with that person and be influenced by his or her opinion about a product or service. Instead of relying upon opinions of unknown people in reviews available on websites, people may be more inclined to listen to their friends, and get more authentic suggestions.


There should be no false promises or over-selling the product or services. Nothing sends away a visitor on social media site than a marketing pitch by an overly enthusiastic person. That does not mean that the content cannot be presented there with facts. All truths need to be told or at least, the ones that the visitor may be interested initially need to be told. However, a concentrated version may be read and forgotten but a few relevant points may stick in the mind.

Create engaging and highly shared content on social media sites.

Presentation Matters

Title is the first thing that catches a person’s attention. For this reason, the title of the content should be real eye catcher. Likewise, using some graphics in the content can also help to make the content engrossing and leave an imprint on the mind of the visitor. This will prompt the visitor to recall the image and look for relevant information if the requirement is not immediate.

Create Content that Touches Emotions

This is especially true when the social media content is aimed at forming a group with similar inclinations. If a chord is touched in the hearts and minds of targeted crowd, others will be drawn in too.

Quality of Content Appeals

People are not looking for something that they cannot understand. At times, they may actually be put off by grammar errors and presentation errors. For this reason, content should be of a quality that a person reading it understands. It should be simple too since many people who arrive on the page may not be very familiar with complex words.

Write on Hot Topics

Hot topics are discussed and debated on social media sites. They shed light on the way people think and how a particular person thinks. For this reason, it is easy to analyze whether the person in question is rational or inclined to be dogmatic. Identifying such characteristics of the person is crucial when looking for a candidate suitable for any job.

Organizing the Content

What this means is organizing the content in a particular sequence so that it makes sense. An example of this would be the way Wikipedia is organized. The highlighted words take people to the link where relevant information can be read. The person can then return to the main page, and resume reading. Organizing content in this way helps in understanding the content.

Data Gleaning

The words used by the person using the social media shed light on the interests of the individual. This can be of great help for advertisers. For example, a person asks about insurance on social media. It implies that the person is interested in insurance and so also those who come to that page to reply. Such people can be shown insurance products on the content or their pages so that they may be more inclined to check up the available deals. This is the reason keywords play a crucial role in almost all online marketing initiatives and they are important even in social media management.

E-mail Marketing Helps

The person arriving at the site may have doubts relating to the content available or may need additional clarification. If the email address or contact address is not provided, then the person may lose interest and not return to the website or page. But if it is possible for the person to send an email from the website or blog, it would be easier to convert the visitor into a client. In addition, such person can also become part of email marketing initiatives and become a returning client.


Internet has several websites, blogs, pages, and advertisements. Though traditional methods of advertising help, they are expensive in comparison to what social media management can do. Traditional way was more like throwing a fishing hook and waiting patiently for some fish to take the bait. Social media, on the other hand, is like throwing a net and capturing many fishes at one go. This novel method relies heavily on content. It is necessary to create a blend of such content so that it is not restricted to business aspects only. Thanks to the internet that there is a lot of social awareness also. By forming groups of like-minded people and motivating them towards something, it creates a domino effect in other spheres as well. It is this power that businesses are looking to capture with captivating content.