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Awesome Content Ideas for Ecommerce Blogs

A strong content strategy is very important for the success of any ecommerce store. Having a regularly updated blog can help improve your search engine rankings, create brand awareness and generate traffic to your ecommerce store. In addition, an ecommerce blog gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, thus building trust with your audience. While starting a blog might be easy, finding something new to write about frequently could be a major challenge.

Here are several great content ideas that will help keep your blog fresh:

Product descriptions

Many ecommerce sites simple copy and paste their product descriptions from the manufacturer’s site. This is a big mistake since your site will end up looking like many others in your niche. In addition, you might get penalized by Google for publishing duplicate content. Taking time to write original product descriptions on your blog will make your brand stand out and leave a favorable impression on your customers.

Tell your story

Customers are not just interested in the features of your products; they want to hear stories. Stories help customers develop an emotional connection with your business or product. For example, you can tell the story of how your business started and the challenges encountered. Customers would also be interested in knowing how your products are made. When your audience reads something interesting, they are likely to share it with others, thus generating more traffic to your site.

News and events

Whenever there is something new happening in your company, you can write a blog post to inform your audience about it. For instance, you can write a post about a new product launched recently. When you attend conferences and other industry events, write a blog post sharing your experience. Customers might also be interested in knowing about staff events such as office parties and retreats.

Customer needs

Your customers can be a very great source of inspiration for your blog content. Therefore, you need to take time to listen to what your customers are saying. For instance, if many people are asking about how to use your product, you can write a series of how-to posts. Handling common customer concerns via blog posts will save you the trouble of repeatedly answering the same questions.

Lifestyle posts

Writing lifestyle posts is a great way of aligning your products to your customers’ interests and hobbies. For instance, if you sell running shoes, you could write a series of blog posts offering exercise and diet tips for runners. If you have a clothing store, you could write regularly about the latest fashion trends and style tips. Blog posts offering cooking tips or recipes would be ideal for an ecommerce store selling kitchenware. Writing about topics your customers can relate to will attract more traffic to your blog, thus enhancing your chances of making more sales.

Staff profiles

Most customers would want to get familiar with the people behind your brand. Having staff profiles on your blog gives customers the idea that your business is approachable, friendly and authentic. This in turn builds trust and loyalty. You can create interesting staff profiles in different ways. First, you could ask different staff members to write short accounts of their experience working in your company. Alternatively, create a standard questionnaire which every staff member will be required to fill. Shooting video interviews is yet another great way of creating staff profiles.

Customer case studies

Customer case studies are a great way of building trust with potential buyers. For instance, you could interview several satisfied customers and publish the content on your blog. Don’t forget to include their names and photos for authenticity. Alternatively, you could record short videos showing them using your product. Salesforce is a good example of a company that has created great customer case studies.