What Is A Site Audit?

The website audit helps the users to boost a page’s search engine performance and produce higher search visibility, since it reveals any problems and issues that need to be fixed. Your work on a certain website will have no sense of whether a search engine can’t read and process it. There is where the technical site audit appears. Let’s discover what is an SEO site audit and for what purposes it will be suitable.

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How To Conduct An On-site Audit?

Whether you want to start with a site audit, you need to consider a few things before getting started. First, you should choose several pages of your website to analyze – your SEO site audit will take less time to complete the website evaluation. Next, consider a crawl speed. 

Keep in mind that various SEO site audit tools will scan a site at different speeds – pay attention to this while using a crawling tool. The last thing you need to consider is your bandwidth or the team bandwidth. This aspect is needed for a better analysis of the information you get from the SEO audit scanning.

Here are a few tasks you need to complete for the best website health condition. You can divide them into suitable groups to have done on different days, for example. However, this quick performing of SEO site audit will take around 15 minutes to do. You need to perform such SEO audit regularly using your crawler tool as well.

  • Check The Sitemap

The best option to do this task is to use Google Search Console data – Google will find all the errors and issues on your website platform. Then, bring the outcome data to your team or do the solving issues on your own. So, you have successfully scanned the sitemap, and all the errors are revealed now.

  • Check The Robots.Txt File

Whether you have noticed the pages in the searching results that you don’t want to have appeared in the results, then you need to add them to the robot.txt file. You can easily add a no-index tag to the page that is ranking, but you don’t want it to rank. Besides, you can discover the file structure and find out if the pages that are not appearing in the searching results are blocked or not. You should add an allow rule to the indexing if the page is still blocked.

  • Check The Speed Of A Page

Monitoring your page speed is an important part of performing the site audit. Usually, your audit will report the average page speed for a mobile and a desktop version. Many experts recommend in the first place boost a speed for a mobile version since there is where many errors have appeared. This way, your audit will identify the issues that can have an impact on speed performance as well as will easily slow down your site platform.

  • Overview Of The Site Errors

A method of comparing will work the best to identify any appeared issues. For example, you need to compare the number of indexed pages on Google Search Results with the number of valid pages in the Google Search Console. Monitor the number of your indexed pages compared to the ranking pages and XML sitemap too. If there is a problem with the appearance of a certain website page, then use the Google Search Console Fetch in a combination with the Render tool – you will find out whether Google has addressed the link to another page.

  • Track Your Website Structured Data

Google Search Console will be useful in this task too. A tool will provide you the information of which pages have the errors and which have a valid markup. An audit will be helpful during the monitoring of the website data too.

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Difficulties Of Performing A Site Audit

An SEO site audit is considering one of the most powerful options on the SEO itself, however, it is one of the most difficult things to figure out. The audit requires the user a piece of knowledge, ability to analyze and come to logical conclusions. You should know what’s what in data, too. Nonetheless, a website audit will have access to almost every aspect of your site – from the links to site content. Its task is to competently evaluate different sides of the client’s website to improve its search visibility and increase search engine performance.

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What Is Included In A Website Audit?

An appropriate SEO website audit will help you find and solve any issues to get an opportunity to evaluate. It works at the expense of the next interconnected elements.

1) Site Health Audit

This audit ranks the website’s usability considering certain signs – internal and external links, speed of the page, site structure, load time, website architecture. The experts advise starting with Google Analytics since this app provides a great general evaluation of your website, and will be suitable for beginners as well.

2) Site Security Audit

As the name said, this type of website audit is responsible for the safety of the client’s site. In other words, a site security audit reveals the vulnerabilities to security branches and protects your confidential information.

3) Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

This audit provides clients with information on how customers act on their websites. In addition, a conversion rate optimization audit tells you exactly is the reason why the visitors don’t complete their purchase on the page, for example.

4) Google Penalty And Recovery Audit

This type of audit can both reveal the problems with the performance of a mobile version and solve the issues with website speed. Google penalty and recovery audit is also responsible for the identification of penalties and suggests the website recovery if needed.

5) Competitor Website Audit

Knowledge of your competitor’s performance and acting can be so helpful during the building of your website development strategy. So, here is where this audit appears to provide an opportunity to discover the opponent’s website and figure out the best solution to become number one on the market.

6) Content And SEO Audit

As it turns out, the issues with site content are now a widespread problem among the websites of the big firms. That’s why it is important to use content and SEO audit that will produce the offers to an improved and unique content for your project without any broken links, plagiarism, and incorrect anchor text. So, what is a site content audit? It is a tool for optimizing content to advanced.

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Why Is A Site Audit Important?

Whether you want to get a long-term success of the website performance then you have to refer to SEO audit regularly. This tool is necessary for the well overall website work since it will keep the SEO strategy optimized. By using such audits you won’t miss a great amount of search engine traffic which means more customers will be involved and encouraged to act. Here are some factors why you need to use website audit.

1) Tracking The Algorithms

Many search engines update their algorithms from time to time, so the users will be able to get better results on Google or Yahoo. You should know and understand all the changes in search engines systems, and in that case, an SEO site audit will work the best. Be sure, with help of the audit, your website will reach success.

2) Issues And Errors Solving

Errors as well as the broken links break the overall website work but don’t worry since your audit is intended for revealing and solving these questions. It easily can recover even lost traffic too, so you will get the most from monitoring and reporting any issues.

3) Help With Titles And Metadata

SEO site audits are quite helpful while considering the right titles for your content since these things are the first what the customer will see in the searching results. Your titles and metadata must be made according to the website content too. An SEO site audit will correct the wrong or not suitable titles and metadata, so your content will reach its best performance.

4) Discovering Your Website Content

Website content is probably the most important thing to consider, and your audit will help you to optimize and update it. Your content may become outdated over time, but be sure your site audit reminds you to get an update. Whether the customers not visiting your page for around six months, then let the SEO site audit to evaluate the content again and replace it if needed.

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Why Conduct Audit On-site?

Considering the right website audit will greatly optimize and boost your site as well as will be useful while elaborating your SEO strategy. By providing great features from all the elements, you will get the desired result. Here are some other reasons why it is important to get your audit.

1) To Keep Up With Changes In The Search Landscape

It is important to track the changes to search engines and know exactly the factors of a search engine – and in that case, the website audit is an irreplaceable thing. You need to know and understand the factors that SEO considers, including website content, speed of the pages, technical code, data, engagement, and serviceability of mobile version as well. By tracking the news of the search landscape, you will be aware of every new requirement to your website performance.

2) To Optimize The Site Further

It is not a secret, that any of the websites will need an upgrade in the future, and a regular website audit will help you with it. Keeping the site optimized is the main task for such audits – they provide a reminder of the required updates to get as much good functioning as possible. So, be sure your website meets modern requirements.

3) To Identify New SEO Opportunities

There might be some SEO opportunities that aren’t in use – your site audit reveals them and optimizes. Besides, SEO site audit customizes technical settings for improving the interaction with users as well. The hidden potentialities are no more hidden, thanks to the website audit.

4) To Boost Conversions

Use your audit for the analysis of whether your website is optimized enough for the absolute number of successful conversions. Keep in mind that an SEO site audit is responsible for evaluating the website, so it will remind you of the opportunities you might have lost. Or your strategy is already outdated and requires the update – the site audit will solve all similar questions and not only.

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Why Do You Need To Audit E-commerce Site?

Auditing is a necessary thing for every website, especially for e-commerce businesses. SEO audit ensures the increase of the overall site performance as well as provides the client with knowledge of the issues that appeared. SEO website auditing helps you to do required updates and changes to achieve a better version of the site project. The next reasons will help you to understand the importance of using the website audit if you don’t refer to it yet.

1) Speed And Convenience Using

Your website project needs to perform well while high web traffic – this is a guarantee of a nice overall performance and customer experience. Checking a page speed won’t take a lot of time, but this way you can easily increase your conversion rate.

2) Elaborating On A Content Strategy

Your content strategy should be made in the way of attracting the customers to purchase. Moreover, the right content will help boost your sales. With a help of an SEO audit, you will fully discover your content issues, solve them and aim for the desired result. Be sure, an audit will remind you whether the website content is outdated or not.

3) Organization Of The Offered Products

The right page organization will increase the sales since the customers will easily navigate the pages with products. Your SEO audit will help you with optimizing the search function on your website, and it is another reason why it is important to use auditing during website upgrading.

4) High-quality Content Copy

Your product pages should be filled with unique and interesting descriptions. This fact will help to build a good reputation and brand recognition. Make sure your text filling is good enough for engaging the customers, and the auditing will help you to reveal problems related to the website text.

5) Interaction With Customers

Building good relationships with your customer is another guarantee of success. Once you have got an audit, you will be able to discover how clients are using your website project. So, you will get a knowledge of what you should do to optimize the interaction with the customers, including the site navigation, product organization, and customer service.


What Are Site Audit Questions?

audit e-commerce site

  • How To Run A Backlink Audit On Your Site?

Actually, a backlink audit is intended for the evaluation of all the external and internal links on your website. You will be able to reveal them, consider they are good or bad, and build a plan of action to cope with them. First, discover your general link-building strategy. Then evaluate each backlink on the website and decided that links you need to remove. Now, you are free to get new opportunities for building valuable links. Using a backlink audit on your website will help you to minimize the risk of appearing unnecessary and broken links that can break an overall performance.

  • How Do You Do A Site Audit For Keywords On The Google Search Engine?

You need to use Google Analytics for this purpose. This tool will provide you the information on how much organic search traffic you get. You need to be assured that the ranking for your specific keywords is heading right in the organic keywords report. You should be also interested in the high-volume keywords to reach a nice search engine performance.

  • How To Perform A Deep WordPress Site Audit?

Make sure your WordPress site is optimized enough for a reaching your business purposes. A process of auditing consist of many aspects, however, it can be done in quite an easy way. 

By using your audit, you first need to reveal and fix broken links, increase general page speed, provide a site with security, clean up all the unnecessary WordPress plugins and get the updated ones. Then, you should improve mobile responsiveness and customer access. Now it comes to your website content – clean it up, update your contacts as well as product descriptions, check up the site navigation and interface. The last step is to customize your marketing tools and e-commerce. It is not as complicated a task as it may seem – although, you will need to make an effort to get a well-performed WordPress website.