How To Increase Free Traffic To Your CBD Website From Organic Search Listings


How To Create CBD Content That Answers Popular Questions Ranks For Relevant Searches?

Because we know there are more people seeking education and information about CBD than there are people who want to make a purchase, it is more effective to make and publish content on your website that educates and informs.

But how to take in exactly what to write about? 

What kind of content image goes into creating it?

What famous questions do people ask about CBD?

The answer leads us to the #1 SEO CBD tip: make research.

  1. Keyword Research For CBD Content Topics

So what is CBD word research?

For example, in our case, it’s the CBD, so the company searches for those unique search phrases that people enter to find information about the CBD. 

You might ask what kind of questions are they asking? What are they interested in, and what exactly do they want to know before they buy or consume this product?

If you can Google the answers to these questions, then your blog will have a super lucrative and valuable list of CBD blog topics, and it will become popular.

So, that’s taken care of. Let’s move on to the next crlk, and this is at one of the most important, this is writing various texts, articles, publications, on provided information about the CBD, topical issues, views, this is what you need for your CBD website.

The information should be published directly on your domain or website, because of SEO, and with it, the search engine ranking will always be linked to the domain and website, located on this domain.

So from here, we can understand that the more content about CBD products on your site, the more search engines will see your site, so whoever is looking will visit your site to find the health benefits of CBD products.

You can conclude that since more and more people in the US are interested in searching about CBD benefits and full of heat information, your site is on the first page of the search engine and the user will refill your world view, then CBD time cannot even be considered a very profitable and even a wise investment?

And here, of course, you ask, so how can you find these profitable search phrases for CBD SEO for the world?

The good news is that there is a special helper tool for finding all the questions people have about CBD and CBD products. 

A great example and advice are that you can use free and/or paid keyword research tools. Statistically speaking, the most common ones at this point are:

  1. Google Keyword Planner;
  2. Ahrefs, SEMrush;
  3. AnswerThePublic. 

They will help you in finding the right relevant CBD questions or even entire phrases to search for keywords.

Pro-tips: consider the user’s intent in using each keyword, and look for keyword phrases that can be framed into a theme. If you do it right and strategically, you’ll have a long list of topics, titles, and related keywords that you can use for your blog volume.

  1. Focus on The 3-Main CBD SEO Ranking Factors According To Google

Did you know that this search giant regularly uses 200 well-known Google ranking factors to rank Internet content? Every day, Google receives over 3.5 billion search queries. There is no doubt that Google is very popular, and marketers, who want to get a high score in the results of conventional search, should know what factors Google takes into account when ranking the content. However, for this article about the strategies of CBD SEO trying to give the business the most profitable methods of CBD SEO, we will focus on the three most important ranking factors of search engines for ranking the CBD.

(I) Relevance.

When Google determines a site’s ranking and keyword search terms, one of the main concerns is the site’s relevance.

In other words, what does the site say?

The more relevant your site is to CBD and CBD products, the more likely your site’s content ranking will be higher than that of competitors with sites with less relevance.

The best way to increase site relevance is to improve site content. To be relevant to CBD, your site must contain all relevant information and educational content.

What is “relevant educational content”? It is specific and unique in-depth content that can answer a question about the CBD, broken by the target audience.

Now let’s take an example to make sense of all this. Let’s say that your target demographic is women 45 to 64 or older. Their main question is how can CBD help with menstrual pain. So, your main goal is for them to find answers to the questions on your site. That is, the strategy of your blog is to provide a spectrum of information that answers all of their questions.

We can submit some ideas for keywords used in searches:

  • CBD against menstrual cramps;
  • CBD helps with menstrual pain.

  You can also break out the cotton candy phrases for a blog topic, for example:

  • How does CBD affect the body during menstruation?
  • What should be the dosing of CBD during the menstrual cycle?
  • What is the best way to use CBD for pain and cramps during menstruation?
  • What CBD medications are considered the best to treat menstrual cramps?
  • Does CBD help to relieve the symptoms of menstrual cramps?

All the above carries with it the idea that we need to publish not just one article, but for efficiency, let’s call a bunch of articles on this topic.

We have the task and movement on the strategy to make the site relevant. After all, these are relevant questions that our target audience is looking for answers to.

Looking at the CBD SEO side, as mentioned above, it would be very good to do several articles and link them to create a series, such as how CBD can help you with women’s health issues.

This is all just a small example to increase the demand for your site with a CBD SEO. 

(II) Authority.

For your site’s authority to be at a high level, you must publish useful, in-depth content that will include not only text but its video links to articles, research, perhaps scholarly papers, and books. All this is necessary to make the visitor interested and stay on your site, which in turn confirms the credibility of google your site and your traffic will increase.

After all, if a person comes to your site and reads more than one page of your publication, interested in videos and links, then you are on the right track and thus increase the engagement on your site.

Google must see that your sites are authoritative and trustworthy.

(III) Trust.

Google places a site on the first page only when it has confidence in it. That is, that the site’s search algorithms are fully compliant, and therefore the site is fully trustworthy.

Google’s credibility is important because it will give you the opportunity that it will tell other people about you. After all, your site is placed first and therefore this will cause your traffic to begin to grow at the speed of light.

Google measures the credibility of  your site in how useful your site can be or answers most of the popular questions that people are interested in, and whether the information is true and correct.

It is all of those factors that give Google the right to trust your site.

The most important thing is that you need your site to have answers to the masses of questions they are asking about CBD. So that users find what they’re looking for.

This is all that gives your site relevance and authority. What’s that for?

 And the answer is simple, if these two metrics are high, then potential customers will spend a lot of time on your site. After all, even Google itself shows its trust to you, stake starts a topic or question on the CBD in general or on CBD products.

If your site is recognized by search engines like Google and Bing, then the results are waiting for you:

  • High search rankings;
  • High traffic on your site;
  • Backlinks to the site;
  • Part of the community that promotes the product.

So, these were the three main factors of ranking high quality and professional level for websites about the CBD, the most interesting thing that can be highlighted is that they are all closely related to each other.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”7405″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css=”.vc_custom_1624951334213{margin-top: 20px !important;margin-bottom: 20px !important;}”][vc_column_text]

  1. Promote Amplify Your Blog Content

A strategy for relevant in-city blogging is only half the battle. After all, publishing content is one thing, but not insignificant is the promotion and amplification of this content on the Internet, you led it to customers, and that they repeatedly returned to your site. This factor is important, because there are many sites and products as well, but not everyone can deliver the right information and interest the consumer. This is the whole strategy of CBD SEO.

Since it is not a very simple process, SEO for CBD requires 8-12 months to see how much your investment can return, how popular and effective the site has become, and how the strategy has been earned.

It is these 8 months to create information complete about the brand, so that the credibility becomes overwhelming so that the site is in demand.

There is no doubt that all this will bring relevant traffic, that is, your site will be systematically visited, your traffic will be filled, but you can say one thing, it will not be enough! After all, even go to more, so you need to work on the site to increase the statistic.

For example, a social networkingf site such as Facebook in any case does not allow companies that are associated with CBD products to advertise or promote this type of information materials on social networking space. Even if it will be your blog, it can simply be removed for non-compliance with the rules.

Of course, it has a negative impact on the whole market, because knowing how popular this topic is, Facebook bans the opportunity for a wider audience to be introduced the whole spectrum of benefits of this product. Furthermore, Facebook has an algorithm to gather the potential target consumers who are interested in the product. In its turn, Facebook ads will make traffic to your website and, at the same time, it would logically bring a positive profit on the social networking platform as well.

Unfortunately, we can not promote CBD content on Facebook. There is a recommendation to consider and use native advertising/product advertising on websites that are popular with the advertising network Outbrain. It is this ad network that will allow you to place CBD ads.

A great way to attract qualified traffic users to your website is to perform your website, how you have designed it, which ads you have placed, how you have interested the user, how much you have considered the age of the user, so it is all up to you and will reflect on the result.

We Can Help You Implement An Effective CBD SEO Strategy!

We can help you implement an effective CBD SEO strategy! If you know that CBD is currently a very popular in North America, indicating that people are interested in CBD, but they need education and information to make a purchase

Winning Marketing Strategies can help you analyze whether your current site has SEO CBD, page speed/site load time, and user experience (UX) issues with our SEO audit. Our search engine marketing team will create custom SEO strategies and keywords that you can incorporate into your website metadata (for Google), page layout (for users), and all images on your site. Are you ready to get to work? Call us for a consultation, or email us for pricing. We’re always ready to help you with the growth of your website![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]