How To Advertise Marijuana Edibles?

Due to the recent legalization of marijuana retailers, edible products made from marijuana have become very popular on the market. No one will be surprised to visit a coffee shop in the Netherlands and see a brownie with marijuana there. However, the new edible products that come on the market are completely different. 

Manufacturers can now easily simulate a variety of popular sweets or candies. Mostly, such products can be purchased in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, or Alaska. This is a good opportunity to promote your marijuana products if you work in the retail business or the Internet. So, don’t miss this great opportunity. We will tell you about the features of marijuana product promotion and marketing marijuana edibles below.

How to promote marijuana edibles on the Google search network?

Advertising edibles marijuana should be a priority for you now. You’ve probably noticed that the demand for marijuana food in your business has grown. Imagine the results you could achieve if you promote the products through advertising campaigns and various marketing strategies. Here, we will talk about how to increase the demand for your products, as well as inform you how to properly implement various effective advertising strategies. 

The increase in bills was observed in wholesale companies producing food containing marijuana. This is another factor in favor of starting marketing strategies in retail stores or online. We can give you an example of one of the companies that produce carbonated beverages that contain marijuana. 

This is Manzanita Naturals, located in San Francisco. In a week, with the help of promotion, it was able to get unsurpassed results. Just imagine that in a week, the owner was able to issue 6 new retail bills. Accordingly, their monthly sales also do not standstill. The CEO said that during this time they have become much higher. The problem was that mortality from vapes increased, and people began to fuss and ask more and more questions about products. Although, this is what has developed the demand for edible marijuana products. 

Many brands specialize in the production of both edible products and vape pens. Now such companies are increasing food production, but due to the negative experience of people with vape, they cause more distrust. In addition, it turned out that consumers of various products that are associated with cannabis have little knowledge and do not know much about the product. So, they are easily confused by the products they are looking for, and the need for information is growing. One of the important points is that interested people gain the trust of your brand. No one will buy marijuana products in stores they do not trust. 

We want to note that if sales of edible products containing marijuana are growing rapidly, then vape products have the same but opposite result. Their sales are falling sharply in all places where marijuana is legalized. Such fluctuations in trade markets have been going on since 2019. Take for example the indicators of the same years. 

If in August 2019, the percentage of sales was 19.4%, then a month later that year it was 12.4%. You can see that back in 2019, vape was experiencing a major crisis. Many businesses that have been mostly focused on vapes have noticed this. So, if you want to overcome the crisis and try to get a new chance for your business, you can try to sell food containing marijuana. Focus on marketing your products, maybe then you will be able to return the income and your company will prosper again.

Google search is one of the most popular search sources. Therefore, promoting marijuana at this source will be a good solution to promote your products. Of course, the path will be quite difficult and will contain many nuances. Experts recommend using Google Ads services. 

This is a pretty good option for selling edible marijuana in retail stores or online. Why should you still choose Google? The main and most convincing reason for this is that the Google advertising system is unique in that it is 100% focused on the previous queries of its users. 

That is, if a person has indicated in the search bar a request to buy marijuana, then most likely he is going to buy it. So, if you choose Google advertising company to enter the market and continue to develop, it will be a good decision.

With Google, finding people who want to buy your product is pretty easy. Your ads will be seen by thousands or maybe many more people. If your offer have some features, and you will be able to offer an extremely profitable offer, then, as a result, you will get a lot of customers, and hence sales. 

The next question that users will have is whether there are bans on marijuana advertising in Google. Probably most users think this is true. However, checking on experience, you can see that everything is not quite so. When you ask Google, you can see that there is a pay-per-click ad, that is, a PDA. There are also a lot of advertisements for such inquiries (CBD products, hemp flowers, edible marijuana products, etc.). 

After analyzing these facts, we can conclude that Google does not prohibit the advertising of such products and accordingly takes money for media services from these advertisers. So, feel free to start working on your campaign. The offer to use Google Ads has become even more attractive.

Advertise cbd

How To Advertise Marijuana Edibles Organically?

For this type of marijuana sales, you need to look at the situation from a slightly different angle. Your focus should be on the term as key performance indicators to measure success. That is, you need to change your expectations from retail sales as well as from online sales. The strategy for this type of marketing in today’s world consists of several tactics, namely one of the tactics is search engine optimization, in other words, if you have encountered it, say SEO. 

The next tactic is marketing content on blogs, and of course, these are daily stories or posts on social networks, of which there are many today.

As mentioned above, this type of marketing needs to focus on key performance indicators.

Only in this way will you be able to effectively measure the success of your product sales. 

Each of these tactics is quite effective and will bring perfect results, but you need to understand that such marketing is intended for a certain group of people. Good results can be expected if your target was the people at the top of the conversion sequence. So, to put it more simply, these are tactics for people who are mostly looking for information about marijuana that best suits their characteristics and the conditions in which they find themselves. From these details, it is important to understand that these tactics involve people who are not actively looking to buy your products (marijuana chocolate, juices, and many other products that are made from hemp).

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Marijuana SEO

The first tactic that has been mentioned and that we will consider is search engine optimization. For this strategy to be successful, you need to determine key performance metrics each month, such as the average time your customer spent on the website and your landing page, and the average number of pages a customer viewed in a single visit. The key metrics are also the total number of clicks of all people from regular searches and the total number of active sessions that took place on your website. We must not forget about such an indicator as to the number of failures, which is no less important than others.

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Blog Content Marketing

The success of blogging tactics requires key performance indicators that are slightly different from the previously discussed search engine optimization tactics. So, for a blogging strategy, the key metric is the average number of pages viewed per visit, the average time your client spent on the website, but we will also be interested in the number of visits to the blog page.

The next metrics will be the keyword rankings you will need to do for each article that appears on your blog, and the metric that will be generated by the total number of clicks on the page where the organic search blog article is hosted. Well, of course, you should not forget about the number of failures, which will be important in each of the three selected tactics.

Social Media Weed Posts

Daily Social Media Posts

How to promote marijuana edibles on Facebook? How to promote marijuana edibles on Instagram? The last tactic we will consider will be social media marketing tactics. Slightly different key performance indicators have also been selected for it. However, some indicators have been encountered in the two previous tactics: the average number of pages viewed per visit, the average time your client spent on the website and the landing page, and the bounce rate. Other key performance indicators for this strategy will include the daily engagement rate for each story, message, or tweet on each platform, as well as the total number of clicks made on each platform and the weekly increase in followers.

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Get Qualified Help With Marketing & Advertising For Your Marijuana Edibles!  

Of course, considering all these strategies, you can say that this is an ineffective way and that most of the people you attract to your audience may be people who have never even heard of your brand, and it really will be true. It will be very difficult to sell your product with these, albeit effective, strategies. However, according to marijuana business leaders, this will noticeably stir people up. Your customers will have more interest in the products they want to buy, respectively, they will start asking more and more questions for more information about your product. You need to understand that when implementing an organic marijuana Edibles marketing strategy, your main goal will be to fill the top conversion funnel, which will be filled with a constant and steady flow of potential customers. Therefore, we can identify the main purpose of this type of marketing. The goal will be to inform more and more people who may become your customers in the future, in addition, you will further create education and build trust in your brand, which is very important. 

When people develop low trust in the brand, many customers are eliminated immediately. People like to feel comfortable and safe for their purchases. So, in a few words, with all these strategies you will increase your customer base and, consequently, income. The more customers you attract, the more money you get. 

Dealing with all these details and nuances can be a difficult and stressful job for you. You can use our help to get help in this matter and achieve good results. Winning Marketing Strategies will help you understand all the intricacies and nuances associated with advertising and marketing your products and answer all your questions. If you are serious about using one of the strategies and achieving results for the development of your business, which is closely related to marijuana, we can develop an individual marketing plan for you. Organized work is one component of success. 

In developing this plan, we will take into account all the subtleties of your products and other factors, and for greater efficiency, we can address the demand that we have observed in our former or current customers.

It is often the case that people who are interested in products containing CBD or THC may not even know what doses to take for different effects. Customers may not even realize that there is such a strategy as micro-dosing, it all shows their ignorance in this area. That is a paradox. The person is interested in your marijuana products but knows little information about the use of the product.

Your main goal is to involve all groups of the population, even those who do not yet know that they need it. Organic tactics described above are ideal for this (search engine optimization, content marketing in blogs, daily stories, or publications on social networks). We will always be ready to help you. 

In fact, demand for marijuana products is growing rapidly in the United States and Canada. There are a lot of people who are ready to buy such products right now. The Google Ads campaign can allow you to market well with your products and promote your goods, and of course this way you will be able to reach potential customers who are at the bottom of the funnel. That is, we will attract people who aim to buy edible foods. You can call for advice and more information about the campaign. If you are unable to call, you can send an email. We are ready to help you grow.