SEO Case Study: Sugo Music Group

250% Increase in Organic Traffic and Sales


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales

Client: Sugo Music Group, CA, USA

Industry: Music industry

Being on the market for 35 years, Sugo Music Group successfully provides an effective all-in-one music distribution option. “Sugo has become a music distribution leader compared to other companies, providing a much-needed service for indie labels & musicians. They are known for getting results!” said Richard Patterson from Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts. Different artists worldwide appreciate Sugo Music Group as the best global music distribution network of digital music service providers.

Using the services of this organization, clients can distribute their works over 200 platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and iTunes, in up to 180 countries. Sugo Music Group offers music distribution and publishing. “We’re the Oldest Distributor and Publisher in the digital music world. We know how to get it right” – a company assures us.

A customer can subscribe to the platform to get to know about the latest news. It makes cooperation even more convenient. Additionally, Sugo Music Group doesn’t require submission costs and setup fees – it is a pledge to their popularity in the music industry.

The website of Sugo Music Group provides important educational content to the customers. The FAQ pages are essential to answer all the clients’ questions without a straight connection with a company. To start the cooperation, a client only should sign up for free.

The efficient options for musicians, affordable services in combination with an individual approach are the main features that make Sugo Music Group genuinely trustworthy.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Sugo Music Group

Audit seo

1. Site Audit

The site audit is a vital tool to reveal the key factors that influence the website visibility in the search engine results.

Competitive Analysis

2. Competitor analysis

To build the right effective marketing strategy, it is essential to refer to the competitor analysis. It allows analyzing opportunities and downsides of the opponents.

Page Speed Optimization

3. Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization is done to boost downloading of the website pages. The faster the pages speed is, the higher the search engine will rank your site.

On page optimization

4. On-Page Optimization

Optimizing website content is essential while working online. On-page optimization allows selecting the most suitable meta-descriptions and tags for your content.

Web Content Development-01

5. Content development

Content development improves website content that helps attract more customers to visit a page once again.

Creating SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

6. SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

SEO-friendly FAQ pages are helpful to gain more organic traffic. They ensure educational content to the clients.

Outreach Guest Posting

7. Outreach Guest Posting

Outreach guest posting is a strategic way to engage more target audiences at the expense of other platforms they often use.

Marketing Report

8. Marketing Report

Analyzing the monthly or weekly situation and performance of your website is essential while working online. It is for what a marketing report is needed.

Google Analytics Results of Sugo Music Group

sugo music seo services


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales