SEO Case Study: Pure Green Express

47% Increase in Organic Traffic and Sales


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales

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Client: Pure Green Express, Vancouver BC, Canada

Industry: CBD, Medical Cannabis market

Pure Green Express is a trusted marijuana dispensary based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The first glance at the company’s website would make you understand the level of service they provide. Being dedicated to providing the safest access to medical marijuana, they sell plenty of weed products categorized into edibles, concentrates, and flowers. The given categories make it easier for an individual to search for their favorite item. Besides, they provide a list of items for beginners, tinctures, pet goods, CBD, and topicals.

It is worth noting that the Pure Green Express website is available to users for over 25 years. As to the prescription, they value customers who have proper medical documentation from a Health Care Practitioner indicating disease and accompanying symptom(s) for which cannabis may have medicinal benefits. No less important fact to mention is the necessity of acquiring with the codes of conduct for all the potential customers of the website. The Pure Green Express aims to provide you the safe experience of taking medical hemp and that is the point.
Have long been on the market, the Pure Green Express dispensary proudly supports a number of charities that serve as a good example for others in making good things to contribute to improving the quality of life of those who truly deserve it.

Nowadays, with the rapid growth in popularity of the medical cannabis industry, there is a huge demand for developing a marketing strategy that works great for the target audience of the particular region or country. The current status of the flower is still in flux. However, there are some promising trends in the legalization of medical marijuana, thanks to studies that prove the beneficial effect of CBD and cannabis products.

According to the recent reports on the cannabis market growth, one may observe the information on the potential investment opportunities, positive trends, and growing number of industry growth opportunities and competitive areas to increase the visibility of your brand.

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Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Pure Green Express

Audit seo

1. Site Audit

The audit of the website is done to reveal the key factors that affect the visibility of your website in the Google search engines.

Competitive Analysis

2. Competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis is strategic management to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors’ websites. They help to analyze the demand of the target audience and build an effective marketing strategy.

Page Speed Optimization

3. Page Speed Optimization

The speed of the site impacts the user experience, search ranking, and website traffic, which is essential to build a successful SEO strategy. Optimization of speed makes your website pages load faster.

On page optimization

4. On-Page Optimization

To improve the position of the ranking of your website, it is necessary to optimize the content of your website as well as the title tags and meta descriptions.

Web Content Development-01

5. Content development

The technical aspect of developing the content strategy for your site is done to engage with your target audience and help to build trust in the product. It is essential while promoting your product online.

Creating SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

6. SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

FAQ page content can become a great source of organic traffic to your website. There is nothing better than improving your SEO ranking by giving educational information to potential customers.

Outreach Guest Posting

7. Outreach Guest Posting

Guest posting outreach promotes your brand, increases visibility, and expands your reach. Publishing a piece of content you write on someone else’s blog is a strategic way to find your target audience.

Marketing Report

8. Marketing Report

To understand the effectiveness of the particular marketing strategy, the company implement, it is important to analyze the received results based on the weekly or monthly marketing report.

Google Analytics Results of Pure Green Express

PGE pageviews


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales