SEO Case Study: SanSpot

105% Increase in Organic Traffic and Sales


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales - SEO Case Study

Client: SanSpot, USA

Industry: Fiber Optic Cables and Panels for Mission Critical Networks

Headquartered in a 30,000 square foot facility in New York City, Sanspot is a company that specializes in designing, developing, and marketing fiber optic networking products and solutions which serve extensive optical network applications all around the world. An organization works with multiple leading manufacturers in the current market, like OptoSpan, Cisco, Brocade, Finisar, EMC, Dell, Juniper, Sun Oracle, and IBM.

The cornerstone of this company is pretty promising – they offer unique solutions and premium-quality fiber connectivity products designed with authentic and herewith superior components. Moreover, Sanspot also offers clients multiple flexible configurations to suit any custom network design. However, customers can find many standard options there, as well.

As for the available services, this company has something to offer everyone – from a wide array of fiber optic cables to custom fiber solutions to transceivers and everything in between. A 100% money-back guarantee for the compatibility and functionality of their cables is the first pledge of customer loyalty.

Clients of Sanspot can quickly get expert advice if they have doubts about any available products. A company also guarantees up to 40% of savings compared to the competitors.

Generally, Sanspot stands out in the American market at the expense of the wide assortment of networking products. The excellent customer service and high-quality cable solutions make this company a choice of numerous people. - online marketing case study

Search Engine Optimization Strategy for SanSpot

Audit seo

1. Site Audit

The number of actions designed to determine the page visibility while someone writes a request on a search engine is called the site audit.

Competitive Analysis

2. Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is the approach that reveals the current positions of your opponents, so you will be able to build the most effective marketing strategy.

Page Speed Optimization

3. Page Speed Optimization

Several actions that work for faster web page loading and customer experience are known as page speed optimization.

On page optimization

4. On-Page Optimization

An on-page optimization is an efficient tool that enables a website content to be compliant with meta-descriptions and tags. It is the pledge of better visibility in search engine results.

Web Content Development-01

5. Content development

Content development is an integral part of an effective marketing strategy since this tool works to optimize all the information you will publish on your online platform.

Creating SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

6. SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

Providing fundamental educational information, SEO-friendly FAQ pages remain essential for enlarging a website’s client base.

Outreach Guest Posting

7. Outreach Guest Posting

Outreach guest posting makes your brand more recognizable as this tool promotes the services on other online platforms that your visitors often use.

Marketing Report

8. Marketing Report

A marketing report helps you track all the changes in your business situation regularly and analyze the opportunities and potential risks.

Google Analytics Results of SanSpot

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Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales