Case Study: Nupep Shrooms

79% Increase in Organic Traffic and Sales


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales

nupep shrooms

Client: Nupep Shrooms, Canada

Industry: CBD, Medical Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms market

The company Nupep Shrooms successfully distributes magic mushrooms across Canada, occupying the role of service provided that is trusted and appreciated by many customers. Due to the decade of professional psilocybin background on the mushrooms market, the number of their ware users is exactly high. It is according to the appraisal of reviewers who have left some comments and stars on diverse rating sites, common among magic satisfaction likers.

How has Nupep Shrooms built such a respectful reputation within Canada territory? According to the company policy, they responsibly try to follow all the fast-paced changes and noverlives in harvesting and law regulations, which always accompany this field development.

Nupep Shrooms also keeps up supporting the statement that each legal age group presenter should see the lack of restrictions on the magic psilocybin experience somebody may obtain. As the creators define, the product they come up with is not the most powerful mood diversifier or booster, but it is one hundred percent the safest one. All the psilocybin-containing items are entirely organic with no pesticides. Such a natural ingredient content implements the goal for brain chemistry and cognitive functions activation.

Whether you visit the online store page, you may get acquainted with the microdose assortment divided into a few categories, including the latest positions, the best selling or top rated and even the back in stock ones.

nupep shrooms

Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Nupep Shrooms

Audit seo

1. Site Audit

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Creating SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

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Marketing Report

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Google Analytics Results of Nupep Shrooms



Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales