Case Study: Hummingbird Botanicals

58% Increase in Organic Traffic and Sales


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales

Case Study: Hummingbird Botanicals

Client: Hummingbird Botanicals, Boulder CO, United States

Industry: CBD market

The company founders may doubtlessly take pride in the 30 years of experience in growing the plants for treatment, thanks to the cooperation with organic farms across Colorado.

The main principle Hummingbird Botanicals policy stably adheres is the spread of acknowledgment about CBD medical functions and understanding of connection with environment. The key point on how to survive in our world is to appreciate the natural gifts we possess.

According to Joaquina and Bradley, the healers and clinicians, “We want to be present in the world and make a positive change. We want to see our Planet restored to balance, our Plants thriving with clean air and water, and People empowered through health and wellness”.

The company core values we may confidently stand out the following ones:

  • Plants. It is the belief in the successful and legal application of hemp as the medicine relevant for diverse types of diseases people would like to get rid of or at least to facilitate.
  • Planet. It is worth taking into account the fact that hemp belongs to the kind of renewable energy sources, useful in various industry fields and even making biodegradable plastic.
  • People. The Endocannabinoid system gives a hand to overcome the possible anxiety that interferes in routine thanks to making an impact by CBD application. It is a way to recharge the atmosphere and provide a person with some calm and relaxing feelings.
Case Study: Hummingbird Botanicals

Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Hummingbird Botanicals

Audit seo

1. Site Audit

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Competitive Analysis

2. Competitor analysis

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Page Speed Optimization

3. Page Speed Optimization

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On page optimization

4. On-Page Optimization

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Web Content Development-01

5. Content development

The perpetual efforts for the content improvement gives a hand to engage more audience because of making them interested in the educational, or other intriguing facts you share. Do not overlook the importance of that point.

Creating SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

6. SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

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Outreach Guest Posting

7. Outreach Guest Posting

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Marketing Report

8. Marketing Report

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Google Analytics Results of Hummingbird Botanicals

hbbotanicals cbd seo results


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales