SEO Case Study: DriveSavers Data Recovery 

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DriveSavers Data Recovery

Client: DriveSavers Data Recovery, CA

Industry: Data Recovery

Drive Savers Data Recovery remains the leading data recovery company in the out-to-date market. Professional data recovery services allow a firm to support information recovery on all types of devices. 24\7 reliable customer service combined with a free shipping option and certified security make Drive Savers Data Recovery a genuinely competitive and trustworthy partner.

A company specializes in data recovery on the hard drive, raid, iPhone, Mac, and SSD. The free evaluation option is also available. Herewith, this service guarantees the fastest turnaround – around 1-2 business days. However, smart devices require more repairing time.

It is worth mentioning that some of their satisfied customers include companies such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Tesla, NASA, and many others. Drive Savers Data Recovery even incorporates the page called Hall of fame on their website. The famous clients include Mila Jovovich, The Rolling Stones, Sarah Jessica Parker, Khloe Kardashian, Bruse Willis, and not only.

The website of the company presents an informative page of recent news and information. It makes the audience more aware of the data recovery industry.

A Drive Savers Data Recovery firm will do its best to recover your data from a storage device that either was crashed, mechanically failed, or experienced physical damage. Providing high-quality services since 1985, this data recovery firm has deserved the trust of clients.

DriveSavers Data Recovery

Search Engine Optimization Strategy for DriveSavers Data Recovery

Audit seo

1. Site Audit

The site audit provides practical tools to reveal the primary factors that influence the website’s visibility in search engines.

Competitive Analysis

2. Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis gives an insight into the potential opportunities and risks of the opponents. It helps to build an effective marketing strategy.

Page Speed Optimization

3. Page Speed Optimization

Page speed optimization makes website pages download faster – search engines typically use this sign to rank sites.

On page optimization

4. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization builds the most successful single-page structure. This tool optimizes meta-descriptions and tags, too.

Web Content Development-01

5. Content development

Content development is responsible for making website content more relevant. The engaging content, in turn, means expanding the audience circle.

Creating SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

6. SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

SEO-friendly FAQ pages involve a bigger audience to a website. They provide informative pages for educational purposes.

Outreach Guest Posting

7. Outreach Guest Posting

Outreach guest posting remains a strategic aspect of an effective marketing strategy. It attracts an audience from other platforms and websites.

Marketing Report

8. Marketing Report

A marketing report is needed to consequence the weekly or monthly business situation. It analyzes the potential risks and chances as well.

Google Analytics Results of DriveSavers Data Recovery

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Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in sales